Victoria Adams

Founder & CEO

Victoria created MYM after years of supporting her daughter through serious mental health challenges. 

In 2019, Victoria decided to quit the corporate world and start a loving company. Since then she has worked tireless to turn her dream into reality and today brings you a portfolio of personal care products that put the individual’s mental well-being front and centre. Welcome to MYM – made with you in mind.

Gemma Blake

Creative Director

A declared Make-up and Beauty range ‘aholic’, with a natural curiosity for creativity and design.

15 years business experience including the set up and implementation of training academies and performance frameworks for a range of Industries. 8 Years of Developmental experience inclusive of, but not limited to, Leadership development, Insights training and Mentor coaching.


Authentic, transparent, respectful, mindfully aware


Individual, aromatic, delightful, mentally supportive


Vegan, sustainable, charitable, totally traceable

MYM Products

Our niche product range is brilliant.  It’s also designed to start with the most important questions: How do you feel today – and how do you want to feel?



Luxurious primer

It all begins with Prime – a product that benefits your skin, and where amazing aromatics do their work on how you feel.

Then simply add MYM beauty products (or your own other favourites) that match your feel and your day. 


Feel-good elixirs

MYM has worked closely with leading experts to deliver four special elixirs that will help you achieve your desired feel.

Just simply mix a drop of your chosen elixir with your Prime and get that long-lasting, feel-good feeling ALL day.



Protective hand gel

At MYM your wellbeing and safety are our number one priority which is why we have a range of delicate but also effective hand gels. 

You can use Shield throughout the day to keep you safe in these difficult times.



Enveloping hand salve

The perfect partner to Shield, Salve will ensure that your hands stay protected and effectively moisturised throughout the day.

At MYM it’s really important to us that your feel good feeling lasts the whole day which is why our specially crafted hand gels are infused with our 4 feel-good fragrances.

This way you can give yourself a feel-good boost during the day, and stay safe in these unprecedented times.

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