Three Pillars

Everything we do and create is with You in Mind.

It goes without saying that our products are beautiful and amazing to use. To add to this we believe our customers deserve authenticity and transparency about everything we do. That’s why, from the very beginning, behind MYM’s growing personal range stand three strong pillars.

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MYM is open and transparent about everything we stand for and everything we do.

  • MYM is always 100% authentic.
  • We will tell you transparently what packaging can be recycled, and where it was sourced.
  • MYM’s beautiful packaging was carefully chosen from styles already in existence because it reduced our footprint.
  • Where any ingredients are not vegan this will be clearly shown and the reason why explained.
  • Our products are great, but we do not make unrealistic promises or demands that pile on the pressure.
  • We can trace the provenance of our products to the very start of its existence – and check for good practice at every stage. 
  • If there is something we don’t know we tell you openly and honestly.
  • Got any questions? Let us know.


MYM exists because we believe that our beauty on the inside is vital to our wellbeing – and should be supported just as much as our beauty on the outside. 

  • MYM products look great, feel light, go on easily – and stay put.
  • MYM shades are chosen to enhance your natural look, or to create a look of your own choosing: enhance your beauty; nurture your soul.
  • Our unique aromatic Prime base encourages your soul to shine through with confidence – however you feel.
  • MYM products encourage individuality; we’re breaking the chains associated with a uniform and often unattainable image.
  • MYM will only create products that meet our standards both in provenance – and in looks and quality.
  • Allergy free.


MYM has respect for the wellbeing our customers, and for our impact at every stage in the process of producing our products.

  • MYM is mindful of health, wellbeing and the social pressures of image. 
  • MYM supports the supportive charity Mind.
  • MYM encourages the empowering use of makeup that reflects the soul, rather than aspiring to an expected ‘look’.
  • Vegan: Our ingredients are verified vegan, halal and organic.
  • Manufactured in the UK using British ingredients.
  • MYM respects the lives of animals and Earth’s resources.
  • MYM packaging is recyclable wherever possible – and this will be clearly labelled.
  • MYM uses quality ingredients that are from sustainable sources.
  • Our products have full provenance: sustainable, natural, ingredients we can trace directly to source.

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