My Person

My Person

My Person

When I first found out I was expecting, at the age of 19, I remember asking myself, can I do this? Can I live up to being this baby’s mother? I remember giving myself such a hard time, over these questions. I knew why. I knew why it kept me up at night, because I had such huge shoes to fill. My mum was exemplary. If you looked up the meaning of the word ‘mother’ you would find a picture of my mum, smiling right back at you.

I know how utterly lucky I am, that I was graced with such a great one. I also try not to take for granted that I am blessed enough to still have her, standing behind me, being my biggest supporter (and sometimes my biggest critic).

Only a few weeks ago, mum shared this post on Facebook. I mean, what a gift. To give someone the:

Ability to have self-worth

The strength to pursue your dreams

And the capability to be happy

I guess we all know that these things come from within and if it were as easy as someone handing out these feel good factors, we would all do it, but I shall tell you something, I feel a little closer to achieving all of these things with her in my corner. Backing me, cheering me on and generally being an all-round role model.

We all have that one person, it could be a friend, partner, child or colleague that is our ‘person’. She is my person. Who’s yours?

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