Luxurious primer

The perfect mattifying primer for all skin types. With its oil free and water resistant formula, our luxurious Prime creates a flawless base for your make up. Minimizing pores, fine lines and making sure your make-up stays put all day. Prime can also be used as a stand alone light moisturiser.

Pair your Prime with our unique Feel-good Elixirs – fragrances that are scientifically proven to support your mindset throughout the day. Synchronise your morning routine with your well-being; look great and feel amazing.

Easy to use

  1. Simply breathe in, then slowly breathe out.  You can even repeat.
  2. Decide how you feel; consider how you need to feel for your day.
  3. Choose which ‘feel-good’ fragrance to add. 

Prime base + your choice of  a feel-good serum = a perfect start

(It’s easy! Add to back of hand; mix with finger; smooth over face; inhale…)

Our Four MYM Elixirs

Feel-good elixirs

Our unique elixirs are scientifically proven to enhance your mood and keep you feeling good throughout the day. They can be used in partnership with Prime as part of your makeup routine or individually to keep your feel-good feeling topped up.


A rich, deep & comforting fragrance scientifically designed to enhance a natural sense of tranquillity and peace.  Beautifully fragranced to cocoon you in a layer of tranquillity all day.


A poised, elegant fragrance specifically created to encourage a deep sense of well-being.  Balance will bring out the best in  you and will support you in facing the challenges of the day.


A fresh, clean fragrance which is scientifically proven to make you feel more energised & prepared for the day ahead!


A fragrance that brings a smile to your face and happiness in your heart – the science supports this claim!  This fragrance will help you share joyfulness and positivity to those around you throughout your day!

It’s always your choice


When you’re a tad edgy or nervous, or had a restless night.


When you’re grounded, steady and ready to do your thing.


Keep your energy levels high and ensure you have fun.


To make you smile, and ensure you pass that feel-good feeling on.



Protective hand shield

At MYM your wellbeing and safety are our number one priority which is why we have a range of delicate but also effective hand gels. 



Enveloping hand salve

The perfect partner to Shield, Salve will ensure that your hands stay protected and moisturised throughout the day.

Shield is:

  • A no wash hand cleanser. 
  • Kills 99.9% bacteria
  • Lightly fragranced with our 4 feel-good fragrances to help you feel good throughout the day.

Salve will:

  • Help protect your hands whilst ensuring they stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Envelope you in one of our feel-good fragrances.

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